“Oh yeah – Storytelling Videos are a booming marketing trend. Many enterprises and startups – including me - use this method with a lot of success.   If you're wondering what's behind it and what you need to know for your first Storytelling Video, then read my tips. Happy storytelling and cameras ready. <3”

Let's get started!

  • What are Storytelling Videos?

  • Why a video?

  • Your target group

  • Structure and acts

  • The video shoot

  • The length

  • The video shoot  ((repeat? remove??))

  • Editing

  • Your video on social media

Camera ready?. (pic: unsplash.com)

1. What are Storytelling Videos?

And action! A Storytelling Video does not promote the product for sale, but primarily tells stories about the product / brand, company or origin / product origin. Take the viewer on a journey behind the scenes or show them with the help of an expert how to use a product, thereby conveying a lifestyle or company philosophy. What’s important in Storytelling Videos is the marketing remains firmly in the background because as soon as it becomes overt, the story becomes an irritating advertisement and the whole thing loses its shine.

Another important prerequisite of good storytelling is that the story is emotionally appealing. And finally the video should deliver the viewer added value.

2. Examples:

Airbnb Stories
Weight Watchers

3. Why a video?

Quite simply: the best medium for visual storytelling is the moving image. Videos arouse emotion. They also stay in your memory.  And it is great way for viewers to be informed without having to invest much brain power.

4. Your target group

It is important you address your target group. In order to do this, you should know in advance who your target group really is.  Ask yourself the following questions:

- Who is my target group?

- What language tone and style should I use?

- What will I convey in the video to my target group?

- Does my target group have previous knowledge? If yes, then what?

Hero's Journey. (pic: unsplash.com)

5. Structure and acts

Every story follows a given structure ((-  a pattern or sequence of events)) – which makes the story even more exciting ((Stories follow a structure because you include the right number of highs and lows to add climax at the correct time)).  So always build your story based on a storyline. Here are a couple of examples:

6. The Hero’s Journey

The most well-known story structure is the so called Hero’s Journey. In this structure a “hero” stands center stage of the narration pattern.  This “hero” doesn’t necessarily have “superpowers” - they are merely the protagonist experiencing the crucial story development. You can find more information about the Hero’s Journey here.

The Three-act-structure and the Five-act-structure

The Three- and Five-act-structure you may still remember from school. These structures offer a lot of room for action.  

7. The length

Shorter videos attract more user attention - with the first few seconds being the most decisive. So arouse viewer interest right from the start and leave out unnecessary explanations or introductions. The general rule is: as short as possible and only as long as necessary.                                 

8. The video shoot

You don’t necessarily need expensive professional equipment to shoot great videos. A mobile phone is often enough. Nevertheless there are some things you need to consider when shooting because a blurred picture in portrait format does not meet with a particularly positive user response. So keep calm and turn your phone horizontal.

Caution: For a couple of social media channels, for example Snapchat or Instagram Story, you must use portrait format because they do not work in landscape.

If there is a lot of talk in your video, be aware mobile phones do not have the best sound quality.  Here, it would be good to get someone who knows about cameras and sound to help you.

9. Editing

I edit my videos with Adobe Premiere Pro, although not every Startup has the budget to buy an editing program. Fear not, you can find lots of free editing tools on the internet.

When editing, keep the story thread in mind for a seamless storytelling and visualize the information for your audience.

Almost there (pic: unsplash.com)

“Your video on Social Media”

Your video is finished and you can hardly wait to get it online?  Wow - super cool and the best of luck to you. Before you upload it though, there are just a few other things maybe you haven’t thought about.

10. The right platform

Not every video performs well on all platforms because each social media channel has a different audience and form of communication.
You can find more infos about the most important SoMe channels here.

11. No subtitles - no audience

On Facebook, videos in the mobile autoplay function are played without sound. If your video has no subtitles, they will be scrolled by in a flash. So make sure you create and use subtitles to improve your reach.

12. Facebook Algorithms

Those lovely Facebook algorithms are, well, an art unto themselves. But here’s a good thing to know: videos uploaded directly onto Facebook have the best reach.  So stay away from linked-posts.

And now: Lights, camera and stay tuned.