“Do you work at home alone or do you commute to your employer's office every day, to do your work in familiar surroundings? These working methods are outdated - coworking spaces are fully up-to-date and offer many advantages. But what does one need to become a true coworker, and what should be considered? Here, I have the best tips for coworking beginners.”

1. Obtaining information

Before you enter the coworking space for the first time, check out opening times, prices and work packages. Many spaces offer daily rates as well as monthly or weekly packages. Be aware of the opening times which can vary from space to space.

Tip: If you want to get an impression of a coworking space, visit your chosen space spontaneously
and simply arrange a trial day.

Sometimes your creativity just needs a chance of scene: Try out new coworkingspaces from time to time. 

2. Your own laptop

Every coworker is responsible for their equipment. Programs and computers are not offered by the coworking provider so your own laptop with software is your responsibility. Ask at the coworking space to find out if there are separate monitors you can connect your laptop to if that is your preferred method of working. On the other hand, almost every space has printers, telephones and excellent wifi.

3. Headphones

For many people music belongs to the workplace, while others feel disturbed by background noise. If music is indispensible for your daily work, you should always have your own headphones so you don't disturb your "colleagues" in their work.

Try not to be the elephant in the room. (pic: pixabay.com)

4. Coffee and drinks

In many offices, coffee is included in the price. \in others there are additional coffee and drink packages available. If you're self-employed, check out the space and try to find the best possible deal.

Tip: Most of the coworking spaces have their own kitchen where you can also cook during lunch break. In order to not annoy your colleagues, always try to leave everything clean and tidy. You are not alone in the office.

5. Exchange of ideas

Use the space and be inspired by the environment and your "colleagues". A coworking space is the ideal place to expand your network and make new contacts. The social side is not to be underestimated!


6. Meeting rooms

Most of the offices also offer meeting and conference rooms. A must-have, if you are expecting customer visits or bringing a partner to the meeting. Again, prices vary.

7. Where is the next coworking space?

The number of coworking spaces in Switzerland is rising steadily . To find the closest coworking office, visit: coworking.ch

"work where you live"​​​​​ says David Kosky from work.life.