"when I need self-motivation, I listen to Led Zeppelin"

WHAT: Billte

WHO: Andrea Girasole, Co-Founder

LINK: Billte

Hello Digitals, 

It was just too cold for my poor camera - so it went on strike and froze. I can very well remember what hot questions I was going to ask Andrea Girasole next, the Co-Founder of Billte at the F10 demo day: 

What’s behind the decision to fund an Ltd… and whoosh - the video was gone. But not Andrea, because I immediately chose Billte to be my Startup of the Month February. 

Last month I sat LIVE in front of my camera and talked to Andrea. This is his story:  When Andrea suddenly had the idea, how to pay one’s bills with an app, his boss encouraged him to apply for the F10 Fintech Program. 
Six successful months later, Andrea’s startup is in the early stage and looking for investors. 

I asked Andrea: “What’s the biggest difference between your life as an employee and your life as an entrepreneur?” His answer made me laugh:
“I feel like I’m a trainee again: I learn a lot but I have no money”.

Also, Andrea told me that he doesn’t have enough funding jet.
He set himself a timeframe and tries to find a partner until July 2018: “My dream investor would not only bring money but expertise and knowledge on the business. This young entrepreneur knows what he wants. 

And if he needs some self-motivation? Andrea shared his secret recipe with me; he listens to Led Zeppelin. How cool is that?

Anyways, I learned a lot about this early stage startup and can make a promise to you: In this interview many things are waiting for you to be discovered. From the difficulty in finding investors to the perfect pitch - this one has it all. 

Are you trying to find investors as well? Chat with me!

Digital Hugs,