WHAT: Physio Station

WHO: Benedikt Müller

LINK: Physio Station

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SAY "HELLO" TO THE "STARTUP OF THE MONTH": PhysioStation founder Benedikt Müller shares his success story in the field of healthcare with us!

Analyze, calculate, negotiate and, with a bit of luck, find the right location: PhysioStation offers classic and modern forms of therapy such as manual therapy, trigger therapy, dry needling or taping –all to get your body back on track.

Founder Benedikt Müller is aware that this market is highly competitive. However, he also found out that he was not made to be hired. Therefore, he uses the momentum of his inital spark, and dives head-on into his independent business.

For him, are a well thought-out business plan and a profound market analysis are crucial. And he has told me exciting things: The number of inhabitants and employees per square kilometer compared to physical therapists in the selected area is the magic formula to find out where the practice should be opened. In addition, there is still a little luck needed for the ideal location – and, of course, a lot of patience for negotiations with authorities during the construction phase. Ben had to face these headscratchers.

Luckily, he can access clever software systems for practices that take over for a lot of administrative effort. And he has a motivated, young team that supports him in many tasks. I quickly realized: Ben is made for his own business, he seems to have a backup plan for everything!

Curious about more on this business story and insights into the healthcare market? Then you are exactly right with this video! Have fun!

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