Raphael Oberholzer und Rico Schenker, NEEO


WHO: Raphael Oberholzer und Rico Schenker

LINK: www.neeo.com

Hello Digitals,

Here you can see a highlight of the year: our very first startup video, with my acquaintances Raphael Oberholzer and Rico Schenker. 

The great concept went through the roof right after the founding in 2014 : Crowdfunding-means (more than ever in Switzerland), and a lot of awards ensued. For example, the Swiss ICT Public Award 2016. The design studio now sits among the very hot stars in Cupertino, California.

I'm so happy that the two have given me some of their precious time. And you can also be happy, because here is a lively talk of pivotal things - for example about the importance of personal connections. But best, you see for yourself.
For further information about the rest of the project, you can browse through their great NEEO blog.

Well then - let's roll! :-)

Digital Hugs,