My interview with Christoph Küffer, Co-Founder People-Analytix AG


"I only do what I really (really really) like."

​​​​​WHAT: Startup Interview

WHO: Christoph Küffer, Co-Founder

LINK: People-Anlaytix AG

Hello Digitals,

INSIGHT WELL WORTH WAITING FOR: Christoph Küffer arrives a few minutes later than planned. “I was talking to a friend at the Café Auer & Co. at the Impact Hub next doors.” I understand only too well, it’s sunny outside and if it wasn’t for the noise, I’d also prefer setting up the interview on the Café Auer terrasse. But well, here we are, indoors – and it soon gets awesome!

Co-Founder of People-Analytix AG Christoph rides the crest of a wave made of positive energy – and we easily get into talking about his business, life and personal experiences as an entrepreneur. Already leading three companies, I wonder how he handles all the nitty gritty admin things that come along and pile up so easily. His answer: "I don’t like administration, I’m very bad at it. When I did it myself for the first year I was in a bad mood for weeks. Then I decided to pay for it and enjoy my life again." Fair enough.

So what’s the startup about? With their smart software, People-Analytix helps with the following:

  • Larger companies (>1000 employees) get help managing the human resources, i.e. skills, within the organization.
  • Employees recognise their developing direction, and if they need further training.
  • Educational institutions can identify how they need to adapt their courses according to market needs and changes.

Easy, right? Looks like it from the outside, when Christoph talks about it in his laid back manner. But behind it are 6 experienced friends and colleagues, who have worked on it for quite a while. Despite their recent date of founding, they already found an investor in their existing network, who helps them to further develop their product financially. And how does Christoph see his role as a leader? “My work is just to make sure they are motivated.” How could I not agree –  #NINAapproved.

Find out more about his values and how much of a control freak (or not) Christoph is.

Digital Hugs,