Marc Augsburger, Piomic Medical AG

WHAT: Piomic Medical AG

WHO: Marc Augsburger, Co-Founder and CSO of Piomic


Hello Digitals,

I was lucky enough to meet Marc Augsburger, co-founder and CSO of Piomic Medical AG, at the opening of Impact Hub Berne. I must admit, I broke out in cold sweat when he started talking about wounds – it is just not one of my favorite topics.

True to the saying “time heals all wounds”, my nausea dropped as Marc explained how we could all benefit from needing less time to heal. Piomic is doing just that, developing a medical device to speed up wound healing. Step by step they’ve built their business, while still thinking big.

Marc’s special tip: networking, networking, networking. He knows how helpful a strong community is. He also gives me a handful of advice. Check out my new video to find out more. It’s worth it. ;-)

Digital Hugs,