Renato Kaiser, Slam poet and satirist

WHAT: Spoken Word artist

WHO: Renato Kaiser


Hello Digitals,

Always wanted to know how a real artist masters his often turbulent professional life? Meet Renato Kaiser!

The popular Spoken Word star living in Bern is a real talent: comedian, satirist, author and president of He has had numerous TV appearances, and several evening-filling programs, his current one is called (translated) "Renato Kaiser in the commentary column - satire with brain and heart."

In addition to many other awards, he received the St. Gallische Kulturstiftung sponsorship award in 2012, and in 2013 the Internationale Bodenseekonferenzsponsorship award.

What he may not be able to do, where he has received help, who and what supports him – he tells me freely and openly here in the video. Realness factor through the roof!

I wish you joy with these exciting insights.

Digital hugs,