WHAT: Kickstart Accelerator 2018

WHO: Dennis Münkle

​​​LINK: Reportix

Hello Buddies

MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING: The first thing you think of about blockchain sure is crypto currencies.

But Dennis from the startup Reportix uses the technology for a completely different purpose: the digitization of contracts. The special thing about it is that they can then be read by both machines and people. Hugely exciting, isn't it?

I met Dennis at the “Kickstart Accelerator 2018”: he began his career in Germany, as a business IT specialist - in the banking world and with an insurance broker. But he had enough of that soon, and was drawn to the epicenter of the startup movement: Silicon Valley. Afterwards, Dennis landed in Zurich - what he calls the "innovation hotspot" of Switzerland. Yes, the man is going places! ;-) And he stands for freedom: For Dennis, it is logical that his employees can design their own workplace. So, the best conditions to conquer the world with his start-up and highly motivated employees are in place.

You can find out how he wants to get there in the video. I wish Dennis all possible success!

Digital Hugs, Nina