Investment in (and of!) the future!

WHAT: Kickstart Accelerator 2018

WHO: Hariton Korizis

LINK: ResonanceX

AN IDEA THAT RESONATES: With ResonanceX, the thrilling investment startup I interviewed at “Kickstart Accelerator 2018”,  it is all about trust and “good vibes”. In the end, super nice co-founder Hariton Korizis even offered to sing me a song (which, then, sadly, he didn’t. ;-) ).

ResonanceX are a digital platform for “bespoke structured investments”, that wants to render investing more efficient for everybody. A really communtiy-based approach that will sure find even more fans in the future.

Haritons positive attitude helps a long way with the business – the main tip the London-based born Greek has for startups: “Do what you love”. In that, he sees no real difference between working and his hobbies, like going to live concerts. And the constructive, positive attitude really pays off: they left Kickstart Accelerator on a pretty high note.

So - be sure to watch his video and further follow their success story – after all, investing in the future is always a good idea.

Digital Hugs,