WHAT: ReTake GmbH

WHO: Dave Karrer, Oliver Ettlin

LINK: www.pinkbag.ch

Glass, aluminum, batteries, electronics, shoes: With the pink bag,
recycling starts at your door steps! Just put it in front of the mailbox
and the electric car collects everything. For companies, there is even
the Pink Box. I think the idea is great and I've talked with the heads behind it.

Hello! You gave recycling some new colours! Please explain how.

Hello, Nina! We take away people's tedious recycling. And we know this from our own experience. When we wanted to recycle the mountains in bottles, cans, corks and ink cartridges in our cellar in 2010, we had the idea of ​​the pink recycling subscription on a recycling drive, with the 3.5 ton to various recycling points. After we had found out that many others have the same problem, we decided to do the company founding in 2012.

Great thing, really. How do you organize this?

Oli and I both have a job elsewhere. It was important to us to give away the operating business at Pink Trash, to continue to have energy for good ideas and a fresh look from the outside. Nevertheless, we are in the office once a week, and once a month we meet for a big retake session, where we all discuss together which steps are most useful next. We have four employees, one of them especially for the finances, so that everything runs right from the start.

The most important step on the path to professionalization?

We have a workshop on grounds at startups.ch. They have explained exactly what is important and take over things like the company account opening or the commercial register entry for us. In addition to this first important step, the takeover of our competitor RecyKing was an important milestone. The three founders wanted to move to new shores and have offered us to take over their customers. This has increased our customer base in one quick go.

Wow, you have to be lucky. But what would you not have expected?

That it is so difficult to convince people of a subscription. Basically, the idea is all great, "but I have the glass containers just around the corner!". But if you have a subscription, then you would not want to miss it. That is why we have almost no cancellations, so far.

I think it's great that you are still spinning energy even after years. Is there a prescription for keeping the "startup groove"?

One should remain flexible and look at the company from a distance, on a regular basis. So you can find new ideas and solutions, and can try out things that established and larger firms can not, simply because of the structure. Also, you do not do everything right from the start, and must be open for changes and tips from outside.