Jai Kharbanda, Sales Professional

WHAT: Sales professional

WHO: Jai Kharbanda

LINK: http://vizualize.me/ 

Hello Digitals,

In London there are so many interesting startups, so having to make choices between them is not really easy. Unfortunately, my time abroad was limited.

So, I choose to meet Jai for the interview. Jai Kharbanda is Sales Professional of the London Tech scene.

In general, he is quite mysterious: this Londoner does not want to and can not tell much about his current project. Although I am more than curious, I still asked the entrepreneur about the London startup scene, at first. All he has to say is pretty cool, because for him, London is the perfect city for good ideas and startups: "There is a lot of talent here, which makes it a great place to have a startup. The people here love to work in different areas and to try new things out."

But also the way of thinking of the British startup scene is, according to Jai, a very special one: "The mindset is much more open – and a startup needs open-minded people who are willing to get their hands dirty." My trip to London showed me that this city offers the perfect breeding ground for startups. How it continues there after Brexit remains to be seen. In the interview, Jai has a lot of exciting inputs on the subject.

Are you ready for an absolute must-see for everyone interested in start-ups and business?
Cool, then: "Action!"

Digital Hugs,