WHAT: Sharing Academy

WHO: Jordi Llonch

LINK: Sharing Academy

Hello Digitals,

A TRUE PILOT PROJECT: "Sharing Academy" CEO Jordi Llonch Esteve was a real pilot, before he took off into new business heights. With his sparkling energy concerning his peer-to-peer tutoring platform, he embodies the buzzing spanish startup scene – especially in Barcelona.

The novel idea for his tutoring platform, which follows a truly unique community-based concept, came in the best of ways – when needed, he felt a lack of offers himself. And so, he basically just decided: "Let's do it!". Jordi quickly saw how scalable the project would be. Selfmade success – this is how I love it! :-)

Now, "Sharing Academy" already features around 1.500 tutors in many fields of education and business.  Jordi sees flexibility as one of the key factors for success: „Everybody in my environment gave me advices for my startup. And they were all right and all wrong at the same time, because there is no general recipe for success.“

At Kickstart Accelerator 2018, Jordi gave me insanely valuable insight into his thought processes – and I will let you guys in on his most crucial tips, in this video!

Thank you, Jordi. For your passion – and your thrilling Barcelona coworking tips. ;-)

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