My report on the screening of the documentary "She Started It" at ETH Zurich.

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I’m itching to tell you about my experiences with the first screening of the movie "She Started It“. It focuses on the issue of gender inequality in entrepreneurship. Pooow – what a ride!

She Started It
In the movie, five women tech founders tell their startup story. And these role models have the potential to shed a light on the obstacles women still face in entrepreneurship.

The film is directed and produced by Nora Poggi and Insiyah Saeed. I grabbed the opportunity to meet Nora Poggi, Monique Morrow and Melanie Kovacs for a special interview in advance - three absolutely awesome women who stand up for women in tech.

The numbers are still very bad
I was lucky enough to be a media partner at the first screening of “She Started It” in Zurich, May 30th 2017. What an event! Sold out and packed with plenty of people excited to watch the movie. The only disappointment was, well – 80 to 90% of the audience were women (including myself ;-) ). It would have been nice to meet a few more men there – because the obstacles for women still seem too high:
It’s said that only 3% of tech startups are created by women, that women receive less than 10% of venture capital funding, and that they run only 4% of the Fortune 500 companies. Still, when they started the movie in 2013, no-one was talking about the topic at all. The movie dives deep into the issues, in a motivating way, addressing the dire need for female role models.

The ensuing panel featured by Nora Poggi, Monique Morrow, Judit Szulágyi and Melanie Kovacs discussed the role of women – and provided eye-opening insights. The captivating questions and statements from the audience were addressed very competently, in depth.

So, what’s the point?
So many topics crossed my mind: Why is there such a small number of female entrepreneurs? Do we need movies such as “She Started It” to get the message out? Is this really helping, or do movies like this simply target the market of "gender gap“ without helping at all? Shouldn’t it be self-evident that women gain ground in business? What can society do to encourage young women to start their own company?
Questions and more questions. ;-) Watch the video to get to know the answers – or tell me your own opinions!

Entrepreneurship is about materializing your vision. Is this a matter of gender? I don’t think so! Any people who gets stuff done seem aces to me, sooo: A high-five to all entrepreneurs out there - female or male!

So now, it’s your turn! I’m curious about your opinion on this topic. Text me, comment on my social media channels, or chat with me! <3 I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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