StartupAmsterdam, Head of Partnerships, Anja Wesbuer

WHAT: StartupAmsterdam

WHO: Anja Wesbuer


Hello Digitals,

Where can you find tons of bikes, but also startups? Exactly! I am talking about Amsterdam. With its growing startup ecosystem, Amsterdam becomes more and more one of the center points of Europe’s startup and tech scene.

When I heard that Anja Wesbuer, head of partnership of StartupAmsterdam, was visiting Switzerland, I didn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity to meet her. We had an awesome time talking about her field of expertise: startup-corporate collaboration – a crucial aspect of the potential success of a company in its infancy.

However, there is more to it than that! She revealed the place to be for startups in Amsterdam, her favourite coworking space as well as her favourite pub.

Did you miss the live video interview? No worries! Watch it here in full length.
And stay tuned till the end for a special fun part. ;-)

Digital Hugs,