WHAT: #StartUpChallenge

WHO: Swisscom


Hello Digitals,

THIS WAS A BLAST: my very first time at the #StartUpChallenge presented by @Swisscom.

The day was full of sparkling stars, yet there was a tough plan to follow. 10 startups - 10 pitches. 12 minutes pitching and then they had to answer the jury’s questions.This was soooo thrilling – I totally dove in, right away. I sneaked around and got all the insider news and could listen to the pitches, almost in the front row.

I’ve been welcomed by the lovely Nadja Herr, organizer of the event. She showed me around my workplace of the day – and, guess what, guys: There was a room only for the reporter staff! Of course, I marked the door with a sticker - just to let everyone know i’m here and they should better be ready for an interview with me. ;)

I did pack my huge beachflag this morning, and I started to set up my station. So, from that moment on, everybody got it. Nina is they are finished with their pitch. - Got that, they for sure have shaky knees, right now.

The name of the first startup? Exeon Analytics. David is pitching about analyzing traffics and he tells us what makes his startup stand out from other analytics systems. What a convincing performance!

Second: TeleretailTorsten Scholl talks about his smart app that autonomously drives robots of almost any size, while avoiding emissions and traffic congestions. Great idea!

Next is HumanAI - It’s all about human intelligence interacting with machine intelligence. Users shall have full access to control their personal data. Pitched by CEO & CO Founder Dr. Remo Frey. Wowsies!

Round 4: Sentifi collects and ranks relevant financial news, then processes messages every month to deliver actionable insights. Founded and magnificently presented by Anders Bally.

Last pitch bevor lunch break: Rovenso
Lucian Cucu tells us about his life-saving startup that builds autonomous robots to carry out dangerous tasks in complex environments.

The tummies are happy now – after a yummy lunch. It goes on with:

Dotphoton, pitched by the marvelous Eugenia Balysheva. This app makes your picture and videos 10 times smaller (“lighter” = heller)  – and still guarantees high quality.

The 7th Startup named as Futurae pitched by Sandra Tobler.
This Startup wants to make authentication processes easier and safer for users and companies. They have 3 products on the market: Authentication Suite, Strong Authentication and Transaction Authentication. Pretty interesting!

AAAccell stands for Academic excellence, Artificial intelligence, and Algorithmic power. They know the financial market very well. Proudly presented by CEO SANDRO SCHMID.

Up next is V-Labs. This technology is for people who want to get the job done!
Diemer is talking about how to see through underground pipes and cables – hands-free! What a fetching idea.

Last, but not least: Technis.
Wiktor Bourée is presenting a smart flooring technology with embedded sensors that can recognise any floor events – like falling, direction, walking speed and much more.

With the pitches done, the jury had to decide for the five winners traveling to Silicon Valley. In my video, you can truly feel the thrill of it all: 

I totally share their enthusiasm – I had such an awesome day, doing exactly what I love to do. Now, I have to pack my camera, mike and beach flag and wave goodbye.

See you next time, folks.

Digital Hugs