Rafael Waber, Swiss Shrimp AG

WHAT: Swiss Shrimp AG

WHO: Rafael Waber

LINK: www.swissshrimp.ch

Hello Digitals,

Here you're in for a real treat! SWISS SHRIMP started in 2008 as a crazy idea among colleagues - and boy have gone a long way.

The idea of ​​breeding shrimps openly and ecologically in Switzerland has already inspired many investors. SWISS SHRIMP is likely to enter the market in 2018, without long transport routes or disgusting antibiotics, but with saline industrial waste heat and biofuels.

And it is already reigning in well deserved awards, such as the "Zurich Klimapreis 2016", or the "InnoPrix SoBa 2015".

The very pleasant SWISS SHRIMP boss Rafael Waber told me in the coworking space Loreto in Solothurn how his startup encountered typical stumbling blocks - such as the remuneration at the beginning. These are golden values, after which all founders should lick their fingers!

I learned a lot, for example, about the already successful pilot phase, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch. You should definitely have a look!

Digital hugs,