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ABOUT: Kickstarter Innovation

STARTUP: Taskbase

WHAT: PingPong Interview Special🏓


Here comes my kickstart Special ping-pong interview - a big YEAH for startup Taskbase.ch (ETH Zurich spin-off). 

Finally, it’s kickstart time again: find out everything about this thrilling startup and SME event here.  👈

During the event, I visited Technopark and talked to Taskbase co-founder Samuel Portmann about their interactive learning solutions and startup life.

Taskbase does it all: they challenge current industry standards and provide learning technologies, for students to reach their full potential. And this with technology components that can be modularly combined for an interactive learning application.

With their innovative approach, Taskbase has already gained many exciting cooperation partners, such as the ETH Zurich or the University of St.Gallen.

You want to know more about Taskbase? Then, watch my ping-pong video interview with Samuel to dig deeper into this success story!

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