Tutoring at its best!

WHAT: Kickstart Accelerator 2018

WHO: Christian von Olnhausen

​​​LINK: Teachy

LESSONS FOR LIFE: Long-term tutoring and an optimized tutor-student relationship make Christian von Olnhausen’s Teachy startup truly novel, with a lasting effect. I talked to Christian at Kickstart Accelerator 2018, and I was truly impressed by his fervour.

In addition to a good idea, it also always needs stamina and a clever mind, like Christian’s. At the age of 10 he tutored children in mathematics. So it's not surprising that his startup takes care of tutoring. But before he turned his hobby into a profession, he studied - of course - mathematics.

With the original business name “SOS Nachhilfe”, Christian already won numerous awards. By now, he has renamed his startup to Teachy, but the idea remains the same: supporting school and university students with tailor-made and modern remedial education. He was pretty successful at the Kickstart Accelerator, as well, and he appreciates the get-together of universities, corporates and startups.

Christian's goal is to make Teachy the market leader in tutoring. Good luck and a fan greeting to the Bernese startup scene. ;-)

Now it’s time: Watch the video and see Christian in explaining action!

Digital hugs,