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WHO: Niels Rot


Hello Digitals,

my next destination for an interview was Zurich. More precisely: Impact Hub Zurich. Wow, is this a cool place for startuppers and anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur.

I was thrilled to meet Niels, the co-founder of Impact Hub Zurich. This guy is really on the fast track. With Impact Hub Zurich growing from start-up to SME, Niels was ready for a new adventure: STRIDE.

What is Stride?
Stride is an unschool for entrepreneurial leadership. It’s all about education and learning how to learn. Stride is built to help generate "knowledge you cannot google“ by moving in learning cycles between experience, observation, theory and experiment. In other words: Stride teaches creative people who want to start their own business to act and most importantly think entrepreneurial.

A sneak peek
Niels gave me some tips and tricks for upcoming startuppers. I’m giving you a sneak peek before the video. He told me: "The best way to test whether you as a person are an entrepreneur and whether your idea can actually fly is by going out there.“ This makes sense to me! You should be fearless and stand up for your great ideas. And remember: there’s always help you can seek if you have some struggles.

And one more tip from Niels: "What an entrepreneur needs to have is endurance and mindset. Entrepreneurship is not only fun, you need to be able to go deep and also do the dirty work.“ It’s not always easy, but stay with it and believe in it.

Niels has a lot more interesting information. So, go ahead and watch the video.

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Digital Hugs,