“They are courageous, they are loud, they say what they think and it’s wonderful.”

WHAT: WINsummit 2018

WHO: Medien Frauen Schweiz / Women in Media Switzerland

LINK: winsummit.ch

Hello Digitals, 

WINSummit2018? Of course I say “Yes!” and do a little dance for joy to have a role in the event´s promotion and reporting. Right from the word go, co-organizer Patrycia Pielaszek was bang on the money: in spite of and apart from the issue of Gender Equally, media women shape the Swiss communication landscape. 

And celebrating this fact is well overdue. Even weeks before the event date, the tickets were sold out and so with a smile in one eye and a tear in the other, a "waiting list" was created. Safety must come first, but it was pity lots of people could only follow the event in the "livestream". But they tweeted, shared and commented on the hashtag #winsummit2018. It was my privilege as a media partner to chat with each speaker, armed with my trusty camera of course, and ask them some questions. 

I experienced the pure clarity and professionalism of Patrizia Laeri, Business Editor & Host, SRF. The down-to-earth, open-minded Vered Raviv-Black, COO, Fiverr, with whom you'd just like to drink a beer at the bar. The bubbly Anna Pfeiffer, startup founder of Five Skincare – and her success truly is written all over her face! 

And Wies Bratby, the lawyer & founder of Women in Negotiation who simply radiates warmth -  in spite of our small organizational disaster! Wies make it refreshingly clear even with success and structure, life can still be a little bit crazy. Yeah! 

And then there were the women I could only grab for a second: Adrienne Fichter, political scientist & editor, Republik - THX - Yvonne Bettkober, Director of Specialist Team Unit Microsoft, in front of the lens was a big moment. 

To sum up, let me put it like this: Good you all exist. More please!

NO more talk, video at.

Digital Hugs, 

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