Tania Woodhatch, Würzmeister

WHAT: Würzmeister

WHO: Tania Woodhatch

LINK: www.wuerzmeister.ch

Hello Digitals,

Attention, attention: I met Würzmeister's Tania Woodhatch at the young entrepreneurs' forum in Thurgau. I could not miss the opportunity to do a personal interview, of course. Super down-to-earth but nevertheless with a lot of energy, this power woman told me all sorts of exciting things about social media.

We agree: People with a <3 for startups are a must-have. A community is the first fertilizer for successful growth. From their network, Tania was able to profit a lot in the foundation of Würzmeister. She could trust in active support at the right moment. But - automated tweets on Twitter and lack of interaction? For her these are an absolute no-go! She relies on inspiring content and authenticity. More helpful insights can be found directly in the video. For even more info on the topic, read my tip on "My first community", or chat with me.

Digital Hugs,