Co-Founders Luca and Tobias in my interview


WHO: Co-founders Luca Michas and Tobias Gunzenhauser


Hello Digitals,

yummy! The guys from Yamo AG turned the baby food market on its ear. They provide baby mash that is not only delicious but also healthy, high-quality and sustainable – thanks to a very innovative technology, called high-pressure processing.

This way, "Mango Nr. 5", "Pirates of the Carrotean" (by the way, I love the product names) and the other Yamo products can serve as perfect substitutes for self-made mash. Only just a few days ago they announced to have completed their seed round. They managed to win over a couple of very notable investors. What a success!

It was a pleasure to welcome Tobias and Luca, two of the three co-founders at my workspace. The two of them told me straight out what obstacles they had to overcome. No wonder that they had to share a lot of valuable advice with you and me.

Check out how much fun we had during the live interview.

Digital Hugs,