My expert Susanne De Zordi Bernkopf tells you what you need to know for the finance plan

ABOUT: Businessplan - Finance plan

WHO: Susanne De Zordi Bernkopf

WHAT: PingPong Interview 🏓

Hello everyone,

FIND NEW STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: Your finance plan is the centerpiece of your business plan, more or less like the foundation of a house! It may well be that some people are annoyed and afraid of filling in tables, and to plan in all resources, financially, as well. However, unfortunately, you have to pay a lot of attention to this part of the business plan. So, it's great that my HelloNina Business Help experts like Susanne De Zordi Bernkopf are there for you: the more you know about sales and investment capital as well as the costs, the easier it will be to get financing from the bank, for example. Susanne is "Lead Auditor Banks & Asset Managers" at BDO and knows the latest financing methods like crowd investing.

Would you like to know more about financial planning? Then watch the video here. You can have more questions answered directly in the chat, by my HelloNina Business Help experts – anytime, anywhere!

Oh, and yes - important tip: Download our free HelloNina template for the financial plan!

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