Interview with financial news analyzing CPO Oliver Berchtold

WHAT: Kickstart Accelerator 2018

WHO: Oliver Berchtold

LINK: Yukkalab

MACHINES WITH BRAINS: At Kickstart Accelerator 2018, I got the thrilling chance to talk to Oliver Berchtold, CPO and co-founder of the innovative financial news analyzing platform YUKKALAB. They develop and implement applications for semantic text analysis in the financial sector.

“They - what?”, I hear some of you ask… ;-) Well, it is pretty awesome, actually: By selecting and analyzing news, YUKKALAB can make out trends in your individual sector – and thus give you precious personalized input for your business future (in german-speaking countries). Makes them a pretty useful “mood connoisseur”!

Oliver founded Yukkalab 2014 in Berlin, with his two partners. Although they are headquartered there, Oliver is convinced that the internationalization of his startup is best accomplished from Switzerland – thanks to the buzzing startup support, as with Kickstart Accelerator in Zurich. As a Swiss citizen, Oliver is predestined to compare Berlin and Zurich, leaning towards the latter in terms of business support.

Being a former student at the St.Gallen university, Oliver, like so many other founders before him, is surprised at how many everyday problems he initially struggled with, despite his education. In the past, universities have not prepared aspiring business people enough for founding their startup. Only now, this movement is under way and entrepreneurship is gaining in importance in these programs.

Oliver is a classic example of how administration often rather hinders than helps. For him, the further development of his business is in the foreground.

You want to find out more about YUKKALAB and Oliver’s view on business? It’s all in the video!

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