Quick questions and quick answers


What a pleasure it was for me to meet four of the kickstart accelerator startups. 

They all are pitching to find investors at the Kickstart Accelerator Final day. This is Europe's largest multi-corporate and equity-free accelerator program, with over 80 founders from around the world.

May I introduce to you: 
Andrii Karpiuk from BIOsens, who at the moment is trying to categorize his potential clients in the best way. First for the perfect pitch presentation and second for selling their product afterwards.

Antonia Bolla from Jamie&I. She is such a powerful woman who founded her startup together with her sister. After living in New York for four years, she and Jamie, the virtual shopping assistant, are back in Switzerland in order to find investors. 

Andrea Fossati from Parquery is hiring at the moment and he told me how challenging it can be to find the right people. He and his team will pitch at the final day as well.He revealed his best pitching tip to me: “Preparation, preparation, preparation”. 

And last but not least, lovely Georgette Vun from Spark Horizon. For me, she is the born interview star and really belongs on a stage, presenting the vision of Spark Horizon. You will like her, too :-)

As you can imagine, the four entrepreneurs were very busy recently. So they were in the best mood for my beloved ZickZack Game with quick questions and answers. ;-) 

Now, I wish you lots of fun with one, two, ZickZack!