My Advisory board: sick notes, the Bachelorette and CMS

WHAT: Advisory Board Zickzack-Game

WHO: Markus Helbling, Markus Kammüller, Mike Schwede, Nils Hafner, Jenny Schaepper-Uster, Christian Klinner, Anne Scherer, Manuel P. Nappo , Stefan Pabst and Nino Ruef

Hello Digitals,

booya – I am back from my vacation and very excited to show you my latest video. But first, I want to give you a nice & warm digital hug. I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer.

Do you remember that game I used to play with some of my interviewees? Exactly! The word association game. Let’s go into the next round.

This time, the members of my advisory board have a turn. I’ve come up with a lot of new words to challenge my fellow players with:
Chatbots are the future, CMS is boring and the Bachelorette a highlight – I learned a lot about my board members’ opinions, and so will you if you watch the video.

Oh, by the way, you might not want to get sick if you work with Nino Ruef ;-)
What do you think about sick notes? Do you also feel like we call in sick too often?

Digital Hugs,