Online business help: Get your own HelloNina Expert!

Business coaching like never before: my platform for startups and SMEs.

DIGITAL CONSULTATION, MORE PERSONAL THAN EVER: You need more than chat answers, tools, templates and information for business start, team building, finance and customer acquisition?

Then there's finally reason to cheer: because this individual and incredibly innovative dashboard is just right for you and your company:

  • Choose your HelloNina experts according to your individual needs
  • 1:1 video and chat consulting with data exchange and screen sharing
  • Recording of each Expert Coaching session available via personal dashboard
  • Transparent cost regulation
  • Web-based, i.e. no installation required
  • Also works with mobile devices 

Which superpower do you need? My HelloNina Experts have different fields of specialization, which you can quickly and easily request, according to your needs, via Business Coaching.

What are you looking for?

Search for skills and find relevant experts to help you

FAQ: This is how my brand-new business coaching works.

How can the HelloNina Experts support you?
My experts advise you personally on important business topics such as business start, team expansion, finances and customer acquisition. They know your challenges as a founder or entrepreneur only too well and can assist you efficiently and practically so that you can concentrate fully on your business.

Sounds great? It is! Click here to go to my pool of experts, where you can choose your personal business buddy: HelloNina Experts

How do I find the right HelloNina Expert for me?
I have selected my experts for you with great care. In addition to an open mind, I paid particular attention to criteria such as experience, business acumen, know-how, and agility. I have put together a versatile pool of qualified HelloNina Experts for you that I can personally recommend. Therefore, I present them to you individually with some background information that I was able to get from them during our cooperation. Take a look around, choose a friendly business coach in a language of your choice and get answers to your burning questions: HelloNina Experts

How do I chat with a HelloNina Expert?
As soon as you have selected an expert as business coach from my pool and clicked on him/her, you will see whether he/she is online. If the dot is green, you can chat directly or book a consulting session of 15 to 90 minutes.

Can I contact different HelloNina Experts?
Well, of course! That's why I've collected a particularly diverse group of experts – so that you can always choose a business coach that suits your needs. They have very different emphases in their qualifications, so that depending on the question , you can obtain the appropriate know-how from the expert who specializes in exactly this challenge. 

How can I book a HelloNina Expert for online consulting?
Once you have selected and clicked on an expert from my pool, you can book him and immediately secure a consulting session of 15 to 90 minutes.

How long does business coaching with a HelloNina Expert take?
It's entirely up to you: You determine the duration of the business coaching session by booking your expert for 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

How do I exchange documents with my HelloNina Expert?
During your business coaching session, you can securely exchange your documents (statements, receipts, etc.) with your HelloNina Expert.

Can I access business coaching on my mobile phone while I am on the move?
Yeah, of course, business coaching is web-based and can be used at any time, on any device. I suggest Google Chrome.

Can I save the video calls?
Yes, on your personal dashboard you have the possibility to record every consulting session with your expert for later retrieval at any time.

How do I pay for my business coaching?
It's very simple: Payment is transparent and uncomplicated when you book via credit card. Prices start from CHF 40 for a 15-minute Business Coaching session. 

Who gets to have business coaching with my HelloNina Experts?
It’s obvious: My coaching is perfect for you as an entrepreneur, SME boss or start-up founder - even if you are short on time! You depend on fast, qualified support so that you can fully concentrate on your business? Then, my HelloNina Expert business coaches have exactly the right superpowers for you. ;)