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Hello there, it's Nina – your business buddy! Get a break-through toolbox for your business plan, from my HelloNina Experts!

You mean business with your idea? Great – let's first show to yourself and then to potential investors and other stakeholders, what leadership stuff you are really made of! Here, my HelloNina Experts and me will give you valuable entrepreneurial insights on how to impress people with your startup.

Even in times of "short business case" and "pitch" orientation, a well-structured full-on business plan is a powerful tool to convince even less startup-oriented investors. I will tell you how you can quickly spark interest and still provide a comprehensive look into your future business aspirations. For that, I provide you with valuable content, to get you started – like this lean business canvas.

Check out the input my HelloNina Experts prepared for you below, concerning the six fields of Executive Summary, Vision and Mission, Product and Services, Marketing and Distribution, Ressources, Milestone Tracking.

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My HelloNina Experts and me provide you with all the necessary information, tips and tools you need for your rocking business plan and more.

1. Executive Summary

Your business needs a face you can read in a heartbeat: this is the executive summary. It is all about writing a company description that truly sells your story – just like some written “elevator pitch”. Your way to “love at first sight”! This will be the first thing you put in your business plan, but the last thing you prepare beforehand. You want to know more about it? Then, click here or ask an expert for instant advice.

2. Vision and Mission

Let's be honest – especially to yourself! What is really new about your idea? Which Unique Selling Point (USP) or Unique Advertising Propositon (UAP) can you provide, compared to your competitors? You can find all that out using my lean business canvas – and by reading the "vision and mission" section of this page. If all that is not enough, my HelloNina experts sure can answer all your burning questions, and more! ;-)

3. Product and Services

Which strategy will you follow? There are the 3 different basic ways of cost leadership, segmentation and niche strategy. To become successful, you always have to think about costumer benefit, brand positioning and business strategy. Stand out, and describe your product line in detail! Find out more about these crucial topics here, or in your individual HelloNina Expert coaching.

4. Marketing and Distribution

In order to stand out like a rock star, there is but one way: perfect marketing and a thorough market analysis. Create your buyer persona and develop your marketing fit. Your marketing mix has to be special and based on target group research at the same time. While this is a whole other topic on itself, I provide you with the most important details here. And, of course, it never hurts to talk to experienced people about that.

5. Resources

Make a plan, not a wish: To really get started, you need two things – a great team (human resources) and awesome financial planning. Here, I’ll give you crucial info about both. It is so very important to develop the necessary financial projections – based on realistic assumptions concerning the worst case, baseline and best case scenarios. Your investors will know this is a projection – but it should be rooted in reality. How you best organise your team and finances, you will find out here, or, even better, in a personal consulting talk with a true pro.

6. Milestone Tracking

Always plan for the future: to make it golden, you should lay out the metrics and goals for success. Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are your way to do just that. This is not only about money, but also concerning other fields like a future anticipated number of customers, interactions and products sold. If you need more than our basic knowledge I shared here, you should definitely make an appointment with one of the HelloNina Experts!