“So that your data planning may not vanish into thin air: individual cloud solutions are of high importance. The field of offers is huge – which cloud will carry you into business heaven? Find your personal main direction, in my tip."

1. Cloud systems? Better safe than sorry!

Many underestimate it – do not make the same mistake: Reliable data protection is of utmost importance, today – in every business area! The prices for the individual offers fluctuate, but an investment in your data security is really always rewarding. I can tell you this much, already. And you might suspect, which solution I prefer: Sure – the cloud is where bright heads go. Because, the nicest part is - it grows with your needs! Here, it is pretty self-evident: play it safe.

It's great to feel safe - also with data!  (Pic: unsplash.com)

2. What does the cloud offer to founders?

Especially at the beginning, in the start-up phase, the amount of data can quickly take you by surprise. Many resort to their own server systems. However, these are expensive, maintenance-prone and never completely safe from data loss. Additional costs arise for you, for example, by hiring an IT specialist or buying expensive hardware. You can really do without that, in most cases! You should only pay for the storage space you really need. The cloud is perfect for that! Apart from the fact that there can be no total loss of your data, and you can access from anywhere, on the road and from all devices. That's awesome! Use it.

The cloud brings you freedom! (Pic: unsplash.com)

3. Why "stay local" is not enough.

If you still think your data is not safe on the cloud - just think what can happen if you do NOT use it! It may easily occur that all important files on PC and external memory disappear at the same time. Burglary, hackers, fire, flood or defects are just a few examples ... And you want to avoid that, believe me! Even USB sticks or SD cards are not compatible forever - and who knows when you need your things again. So - the cloud is worth it. Also for you.

4. Clear the fog: your optimal provider.

The large number of possibilities logically raises a central question: what should be taken into special consideration? Of course, this can only be decided with a look at your needs - you are welcome to chat with me on the subject. But you should always pay attention to a few things:

- Server location: Where is the data stored?

- GDPR etc: Especially in Switzerland, information security counts more than ever.

- Encryption: Which system is used? Is it rated well?

- Insight: Who has access to your backup data, and how is this regulated?

- Support: the right help behind the scenes is hugely important.

You should generally be aware of these things. Research is worthwhile: Google, Ecosia, Yahoo and others are your friends! ;-)

The cloud only makes you stronger!

5. My Top 6 for your business.

Google Drive - just huge and free.
The market leader among the search engines also makes it easier to recover stuff - with awesome 15 GB of free memory! Even if you have to share it with downloads of Gmail images and videos - your data is here, in Google Drive, in the best and safest hands. A very special advantage: the varied release options. Have a look around, it's worth it!

Dropbox - the classic.
For more than 10 years, Dropbox has been offering cloud solutions - and continues to be at the forefront. The system owes its still impeccable reputation to its ease of use, its free entry and particularly attractive additional tools: all data is automatically encrypted, you can play music and the download is really super fast. A favorite for business and private use!

iCloud from Apple - extra secure backup.
If you use the Apple operating system iOS, you can look forward to it - because from the exclusive iCloud, you can quickly retrieve and edit data wherever you are. Free up to 5 GB! Besides, the provider makes sense in connection with the iPhone - you can locate it anytime. But also the certified server, the data encryption and secure backup may convice you. Real winner!

Microsoft OneDrive - tight with Windows.
Windows in view: the combination of OneDrive and Windows Office is crystal clear. This has advantages for MS users: For example, you can view and customize files from Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Onenote directly, in the browser. And the whole thing is sorted automatically. A chic concept that offers clear advantages for Microsoft fans. For you, I recommend it, too!

Amazon Web Services - cheap and secure.

Special connection to Germany: the North American AWS Directory Service has a clear focus on the German market. Six cents per GB, and that with up to 1,000 GB of memory - especially for larger amounts of data, that is a very attractive offer. A snap, to be precise. ;-) A connection to the Amazon music download and the top security are further fine pluses.

Swisscom - the "local hero".
Switzerland also has cool players in the cloud business. Swisscom's "myCloud" system, for example, is particularly popular. It scores highly with a very intuitive desktop connection and generally intuitive build-up. The digitization of analog media is also simplified, and photos can be edited online. Nice!

6. Some last tip: show openness!

Although cloud systems still seem a bit nebulous to some, they provide clarity and structural openness! The de-localized access to work processes facilitates data handling in the team, protects against loss and by now it's also completely safe from unauthorized access at the recommended providers. Get your business up to new technical heights right from the start - dare to step on the cloud!