Alexandra Zurbrügg

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Contract Law Expert
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My special qualifications
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Find a Company Name
  • Employment Contract
  • Company Foundation
  • Company Law
My education

Master in Law University of Bern/ CAS Finance and accounting for lawyers University of Lucern

About Alexandra

Heart beats head: As a person trusting her feelings, Alexandra has learned to listen to her inner impulses. She honed this special talent with dedication, for example through a lot of self-reflection. Alexandra loves to push herself to her limits and beyond - whether during a sweaty workout, in the Thai fitness camp or during boxing and, of course, also in the job itself. She finds her quiet doing yin yoga and hiking in the mountains.

Alexandra loves her work - and you can see that with her impressive career: at BDO she is vice director and head of legal advice in the Mittelland region.

Her secret to lasting success? Don't be afraid of emotions! Even if the quality of her work is extremely important to her, Alexandra has learned to say "no" when her feelings don’t agree. One thing is certain: Even if her mood is usually great - Alexandra shows her emotions clearly and is therefore particularly popular for her authentic style.

Those who trust their feelings so much must of course always train them with new experiences. That is why Alexandra loves to travel and dedicates herself intensively to new cultures and perspectives.

Do you want a HelloNina Expert who can sense exactly what is important for your company and, in addition to her knowledge, also speaks her heart? Then, you should definitely write Alexandra a message!

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