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The Corporate Finance Guy
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  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Financial Reporting
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Business Plan
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CFA Charterholder/ Certified Public Accountant Switzerland

About Benjamin

His strength lies in his calmness: Benjamin Haldimann may be very modest, but he is a highly competent HelloNina Expert. I love his humorous nature and the indomitable optimism that he always exudes. Benjamin really always has a smile on his face, doesn't take himself too seriously and still works very efficiently. The secret of his positive energy? Just stay relaxed - even with big tasks!

Benjamin draws much of his professional strength from private rest. He loves good films, city trips, his bike, or just a relaxing walk. At the turn of the year, he also likes to travel for 4 to 5 weeks, for example to the Caribbean.

When Benjamin is not on vacation, he really is fully committed - and has been throughout his professional life. This may explain why he has already gone through some very different vocational stages: from the first jcareer aspirarion as a agricultural biology laboratory technician (he was too young for teaching) to an IT job, and further on to business management. Such a hardworking person - a real stroke of luck for everyone who can work with him, I can tell you!

Benjamin now heads the "Transaction Services" area at BDO Switzerland. He is very familiar with "due diligence" and the structuring of transactions. As a certified accountant and “CFA Charterholder”, Benjamin really knows a lot about accounting and controlling, process and financial analysis, national and international accounting, and the financial industry.

Do you need support in one of these areas? Then, get in touch with him, straight away - I heartily recommend Benjamin!

Digital hugs,