Patrycja Pielaszek

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Digital Consultant
Languages spoken
Deutsch, English
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My special qualifications
  • Lean Startup
  • Business Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Content Management
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Business Strategy
My education


About Patrycja

When Patrycja, aka #DIGITALWINGWOMAN takes you under her wings, you get your business presence off the ground in no time! Believe me – I'm a witness of her high-level digital skills!

Following her digital heart with a social spirit to ever-new content and innovations, Patrycja is living her motto: "Nothing changes if nothing changes".

As Chief Communications Officer, she has developed digitization strategies for companies for years and successfully implemented corresponding innovation processes. Since 2017, Patrycja has been following the accelerated pulse of digitalization as an independent consultant, helping start-ups and entrepreneurs from a wide range of areas to use the change processes and automation mechanisms to their advantage.

Being a lateral thinker, she always tries new, progressive ways, experimenting with digital tools, and developing digital strategies that are often unconventional but always purposeful. Thanks to these qualities, her approach is super up-to-date, as those who want to remain competitive in the future must transform their company in a timely manner.

Patrycja focuses on the four main pillars of "change", "brand experience", storytelling" and "community", as she tackles her five main areas of business expertise.

One of those areas is coaching startups, entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized companies. But she also has a great knack for change management, where she facilitates and enables transformation processes. Patrycja is truly great at branding and storytelling as well as using the developed communication strategies for social selling, as she fully knows how to build brand trust online. She provides the resulting engagement through community management for companies, non-profits and startups.

You see: Patrycja will help you out whenever your business faces transforming changes or new requirements: "I challenge startups to join the ranks of those who define their dreams in a clear strategy. Never stop learning, reach for fulfilling goals and change the world for a better."