Sascha Eisenecher

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BSc in Business Administration dipl. fiduciary expert
Languages spoken
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My special qualifications
  • Project Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Case
  • Business Plan
  • Company Law
  • Leadership
My education

dipl. Treuhandexperte, BLaw

About Sascha

This is the kind of man I just love to be around: Sascha Eisenecher is a highly educated, well-spoken and fully engaged individual, whose far-reaching business expertise will prove a crucial asset for your future success.

"I love working with startups and founders, to overcome the hurdles and challenges in their business", says the family man with a lucky hand for cooking. And Sascha is as well-versed with cooking up business development ideas as he is in the kitchen – even for more seasoned business people. Wowsies, right? ;-)

One key to his success lies in a varied education: In addition to his many years of professional experience, Sascha can also rely on a very sound training. In recent years, he successfully completed the Business Economist FH and became a certified Fiduciary Expert. As the legal framework is becoming increasingly complex, not only in Switzerland, he even acquired the Bachelor of Law (BLaw). You see: with Sascha, your business future is in more than capable hands.

What can you expect from working with Sascha? In his own words, this: "As an experienced challenger, I can listen well, ask the right questions, and provide valuable input with solution approaches."

A better future is something Sascha always has a vested interest in – on a very personal level: "It is my children who continually drive me to break new ground and broaden my horizons. A property that benefits entrepreneurs who want to focus on their core business", says the highly motivated professional.