Tobias Bussmann

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Digital Native
Languages spoken
Deutsch, English
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My special qualifications
  • Administration
  • Projekt Management
  • E-Commerce
  • CRM
  • Product Management
My education

Dipl. Betriebswirtschafter

About Tobias

Whenever I am in need of strategic clarity, technical information and a sound, well-tested concept, I turn to Tobias Bussmann. He is just marvelous at finding solutions for complex questions, be they technical, economical or strategical. So glad to have him! You can tell in an instant that life-long learning is one of his main goals. This is why he already commands a wide range of tools for startups with a wave of his hand.

His ever-growing curiosity is the main reason why travelling, besides skiing and cooking, is one of Tobias's favorite occupations: "Through travel, I want to understand globalization and put it into action", Tobias says with his trademark optimistic smile.  

Of course, on his long-range way through life, Tobias picks up loads of info and builds his unique character: tech-savvy, precise, inquisitive, solution-oriented. I mean, this guy brings together IT and marketing experience with accounting, all in one person - who does that?!

One of his secrets for a varied skill set sure are his love for revolutionary developments like digital transformation and disruption on the one hand, and his interest in structure with accounting and administration on the other.

With this broad approach, Tobias supports project management, agile development and strategic planning while always burning for startups and innovative ideas.

If you ever want to meet him in person, you might be very well in luck: Tobias deeply enjoys the collaboration and innovation in coworking spaces.