Set your milestones and follow them on the way! Based on your business goals, you'll find milestones for the next 1-3 years that guide you through the business development.

The quote by Mark Twain "If you do not know where you want to go, do not be surprised if you arrive somewhere else" describes very aptly why you should define clear business goals for your company. As an entrepreneur you need to know where you want to stand with your company in 1, 3 or even 10 years.

But these are not just financial goals. For example, define when you want to have a certain number of customers or when you want to sell a pre-defined number of your products. That explains a lot and motivates enormously!

Before you begin to set business goals, you should take a step back and ask yourself what intentions you are pursuing with the establishment of a company. If you intend to secure your living with the project (complete business start-up), the conditions are quite different than if, for example, you see your project as an additional source of income (gradual start-up). Or maybe you're even a starry-eyed idealist, founding in our hero class, as a non-profit? Keep this point in your business plan because it is relevant to your business goals.

Do not only run a scenario in your business plan for the milestones in the context of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), but also look at the spectrum of possible developments, for example by showing three courses: best case, realistic case and worst case.

How you want to achieve your goals, you' ll explain by means of predefined milestones. Also in this, our final main area my professionals can support you!

That's all from me, for now. The best of luck to you, my adventurous buddy. And remember: You are NOT alone! ;-)

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